Choose the Cloud for your accounting software

The professionals involved in the management of the accounting, like companies, entrepreneurs and accountants, must have an overview of the work and the procedures to be performed, so as to lighten and simplify everything. In this framework, digital and innovative IT solutions come to the rescue of accountants and payroll firms, offering them advanced accounting solutions and software.

Initially installed on the local server in the company, the software lost operational speed and was subject to increased vulnerabilities and security threats.
Now, the advent of Cloud environments is rapidly changing various sectors, giving way to a single, agile and shared resource management system.

It is a particularly useful and effective solution for accountants who work on accounting software and who have been able to witness this revolution firsthand.

The adoption of cloud accounting software helps to make the life of companies, accountants and entrepreneurs easier, streamlining the work process. Think, for example, of the introduction of electronic invoicing and the increased speed of registration, payment verification and approval process.

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The advantages of cloud accounting

With the revolution of digital and cloud environments, we advise you, if you haven’t already done so, to strongly evaluate the migration of your accounting software from local to the cloud. It’s simple, and we’re on the front lines to help you with the migrationso that it is carried out correctly, without surprises and inconveniences.

The advantages generated by this step are many and cover various operational contexts:

  • Optimal performance and greater flexibility;
  • Greater security and protection of all your sensitive data and confidential economic/financial information of your customers;
  • Single and shared system: it is possible to access from any device and check and modify the various documents in real time, with greater efficiency;
  • Savings on the purchase, maintenance and maintenance of hardware;
  • Ease of use thanks to the instant synchronization of the various files.

Our solutions

Our cloud solutions, in particular Cloud Servers And Private CloudsI am perfect if you are planning to migrate your accounting software.

Choose the service you prefer based on the resources you need: our plans are scalable and adaptable to your project, at any stage. We guarantee you root and remote access (RDP) to modify and update your Cloud environment at any time and work on your software from any device.

Migrate your accounting and payroll program within one of our Cloud environments, easily associating them with the Microsoft Windows Licenses you need.

We are Microsoft SPLA partners therefore authorized resellers of all Microsoft Windows licenses that are needed for your software.

microsoft licenses
  • The licenses Microsoft Windows Server STD 2008 And Microsoft Windows Server STD 2012 they are standard licenses. In practical terms, you will be able to use two instances of the server software in a virtual operating system on the licensed server. The difference is in the operating system update, the first 2008 and the second 2012.
  • The licenses Microsoft Windows Server STD up to 8 cores 2016 And Microsoft Windows Server STD up to 8 cores 2019 were developed in the 2016 and 2019 versions. These two licenses implement the performance of the previous ones with the transition from licenses processor-based to core based. In fact, since Windows Server 2016, the licensing model is based on Cores/CAL (Client Access Licenses): A combination of licenses Core for the Server e CAL for users or devices that have access to the server. With 2016 the various innovations introduced go more and more in the direction of cloud computing improving the overall work environment. Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, we have included the 2019 license among our services in the short term, so as to guarantee you the most up-to-date version possible and keep up with continuous IT innovation.
  • The license Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop SAL was created to run applications remotely over any type of virtual network connection and through any device. Each license is uniquely associated with a single user (SAL, Subscriber Access License).
  • As for licensing Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition And Microsoft SQL Server Standard, The former offers scalability, affordability and ease of management for web properties of all sizes, while the latter offers a basic business intelligence and data management database for running applications, supporting common on-premises and cloud development tools.
  • The license Microsoft Office Standard Edition it is the classic license for using the Office Suite in a Windows environment; here too, a single user is associated with each license.

We always advise you to choose recent licenses to get the maximum benefits in terms of uptime and efficiency.

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