WordPress Toolkit for Plesk: all the advantages for Cloud and Server

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WordPress Toolkit for Plesk: all the advantages for Cloud and Server

Shellrent Plesk WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is an extension of the Plesk control panel to install and manage all your WordPress sites from one convenient interface.

Plesk is hosting automation panel for Cloud and Dedicated Servers. It is a useful work tool for IT Administrators, for developers, who may have a lean environment to write code, and for webmasters who often find themselves managing dozens of websites. If you develop in WordPress, the WP Toolkit can offer you an important time saving and the possibility of guaranteeing your customers a much more efficient service.

Why do we recommend the WordPress Toolkit?

The WP Toolkit saves you time to install, manage, update and secure all sites. It is a complete, safe and versatile tool that brings together many advantages:

  • Simple and intuitiveinstallation and configuration of the tool take place with one click, making the process lean.
  • You have at your disposal aonly dashboards to manage and control your WordPress instances, managing to have a complete picture.
  • Are there any news and interesting facts? Use the appropriate Testing environment in order to verify correct operation. When there are no more bugs or malfunctions, just sync to the official version.
  • Manage, activate and deactivate with ease themes and plugins on a single WordPress instance or on multiple instances simultaneously.
  • Simplify the procedure: perform some risky actions, such as updates and migrations, with a simple click. Security is paramount, and thanks to the WP Toolkit, you’ll be able to perform these actions without running any risk.
  • Implement the safety of all your sites built in WordPress and protect your changes and updates. Just click on secure to protect the various sites.
  • Another measure to protect your safety: backups and restores. In case of problems, restore the original situation and continue your work.
  • You can directly manage all debugging of sites thanks to the WordPress Toolkit.
  • You can enable and disable theindexing of your sites: a very useful function from an SEO point of view.

To learn more about all the advantages of this tool, you can consult the page on WordPress Toolkit.

WP Toolkit version 6.0

In November 2023, Plesk released new version of WP Toolkit which introduces several new features. Among these REST APIs, through which you can create a customized interface to offer the best experience to the user.

With version 6.0, the possibility of integrating customized labels was introduced, by inserting the desired text and color, as well as creating private labels, visible only to the person who adds the label, or non-private, which can be viewed and managed by all those who can access the site.

The WP Toolkit 6.0 also provides:

  • the wp-cli utility updated to version 2.7;
  • official support of AlmaLinux 9 and RHEL 9 on Plesk;
  • security improvements (not always visible, but always important);
  • multiple bug fixes.

Why combine the WP Toolkit with a dedicated service?

The WordPress Toolkit is available for all Plesk Licenses. You can activate your Plesk license and easily associate it with any dedicated service, such as:

During the purchase, you can already indicate the type of configuration of your server, choosing from the different operating systems, and Plesk will already be installed: all you have to do is activate the Panel by entering the license key.

Choosing a dedicated solution allows you to have greater autonomy for your online project, so it can grow over time, in an environment suitable for any type of need. Also from an SEO point of view, in order to have a better positioning on search engines, it is essential that the sites you administer have an excellent loading speed.

Sometimes web hosting, especially for more demanding projects that require the use of a dedicated service to offer the right performance. On the other hand, however, managing a server requires a lot of technical skills, and this can discourage the choice of the product.

It is precisely in this scenario that Plesk comes into play, which allows you to be autonomous and get the most out of your websites, managing both the web and mail parts in the best possible way.

The advantage? You can have everything at hand thanks to the single interface, without having to go to the backend of each site: Update WordPress directly from Plesk. In this way, you will save precious time and guarantee greater security, thanks to the speed of updates.

In fact, if you develop in WordPress you will appreciate the WP Toolkit, from the point of view:

  • performance, the tool gives you the ability to manage the entire server through a single interface that collects all your customer data.
  • of security, you will be able to limit the risk of leaving security holes available to malicious users potentially harmful both for the single user and for the whole server.
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