PC or Console: which one to choose for gaming?

If you’re a true gamer, you’re no stranger to the term “console.” Here, you’ll find the latest news, reviews, and valuable insights into the most popular gaming systems available today. Welcome to Gamerna.me with the post’ today PC or Console: which one to choose for gaming?

This is a problem that many gamers have to consider before “taking you home”. In this article, we share our experience and ask some other longtime gamers to have an objective view of: which system should be chosen the most suitable?

We invite you to consult.

1. Game Store


The PC game store is the world’s champion


The first concern of gamers is definitely about the game. Currently, most of the top games are available on both PC and Console systems, with the following differences:

PC: This is definitely the gaming system with the biggest collection of games, both terrible and new games to play continuously. If you only have a few new games on the Console for a few weeks to play, your PC will receive a lot of new games big and small every day.

There are three more points worth noting about the PC game store:

  • Backward compatible: You can play old games, games from a long time ago like Stronghold or Red Alerts. You can also emulate a lot of old Console games on your PC.
  • You can play Mods of the game on PCalthough now Xbox also started to give players this ability, but in terms of quantity and quality, it cannot be compared to PC.
  • If you are a fan of FPS or strategy games then you can stop reading right here and go buy a PC, because these types of games are not console games.

Console: The reason you buy the Console in this case can only be the exclusive games on these systems only. For example, Uncharted 4 or Destiny… or you are given a console only.

Especially for games on Nintendo, the chances of it appearing on PC are even lower. Or to put it more succinctly, If you are a big fan of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, then Nintendo is definitely the only choicebut to put it squarely, if you are already a fan of Nintendo, then you must have been confused about the “PC vs Console” issue hehe.

We asked a gamer U40 Mr. Khiem “Do you prefer to play games on PC or Xbox?” Then he replied that “depending on the game”, we asked a friend who is Mr. You To the same question, our big belly friend answers “Both” but if we push to the same question like “If you went to a deserted island and could only bring one device for 10 years, what would you bring?” The answer is in favor of PC.

Conclude: PC wins 1-0

2. Simple, convenient


Just a few minutes and you’re ready to battle on Console!

Talking about the convenience of gaming, we lean more towards Console because of its ability quick setup Its very simple, just a few steps can start the game right away.

You don’t need to know too much about computers, you don’t need to know how to install software, you don’t need to know configuration. All are tweaked ready to play games, buy games, manage games.

Another thing we like about Console is that you don’t have to worry about lag when playing games on these systems because game developers have do-ni-make-shoes optimize that game fit with the Console as much as possible. On a PC you can use a better graphics card, but gaming is not as stable.

We tried tweaking the settings to make a PC feel like a simple Console but you can’t do it well or it takes a lot of effort, just a simple example: You can open the Console simply by pressing the button on the controller (controller) 5-10 meters away, but the PC does not.

We ask Mr. An “Why do you prefer playing console games?” Then your opinion is:

  • “When playing games I want to relaxafter a tiring day of working with a laptop, I really don’t want to sit on the laptop when playing games again, I want to sit on the sofa or lie on the mattress to rest and play games.”
  • “When I think of a game that I want to play I want to be able to play it within 30 secondsIn my opinion, it’s hard for PCs to do that because they have to wait to boot up, wait to run miscellaneous software, wait to open Steam. And most importantly, before playing, receiving the boss’s work email notification is already losing interest.”

Since we wanted Console to win in this category, we didn’t ask anyone else, haha.

Conclude: Console won 1-1!

3. Upgradability


High-end graphics, a dream only for PC gamers

Haven’t asked yet but Mr. Department said “PC is the master race” (to put it bluntly, the Console has no doors in this clause) every time the graphics card manufacturers introduce their new masterpiece like the new GTX 1080, the fans of the Console can only swallow. embarrassed to swallow. No matter how you explain it, there is an indisputable fact that once you understand and know how to build a real game, it’s about power. Your PC can be more powerful than the latest generation of Consoles by several years.

For PC you can upgrade anytime you want, from capacity to graphics card.

We haven’t had time to ask yet Mr. Department said: “You can build a beautiful led light on your PC!”

Conclude: PC wins 2-1

4. Purely playing games or doing many things?


PC can combine more work

This is one of the things that makes us think the most when deciding whether to choose a PC or a Console. So this is probably the most appropriate place to say this: Depends.

Ms. Yen When asked about this, the answer is “I like playing games since I was a child and it’s all simple games, in the past I played duck shooting games, Mario, growing up nothing changed, playing games around 9-10 Now after a tiring day at work, the classic 2D scrolling game is still my main choice. Choosing Console is an easy to understand result, playing games is simple, using game consoles must be simple too! I also want to do whatever I want to do when I play the game, that machine is only for work I only play games, so I choose Console.”

Mr. Quang Anh think the other way around:

  • Using a PC is a 2 in 1 solution, can play games and work at the same time. Pure or not for me doesn’t matter, when playing full-screen games, it can be called “pure-game” :)).
  • Hands are used to the keyboard since the 2000s it’s hard to go back to the handle.

Conclude: hue. Still 2-1 in the end!

5. Expenses spent


More or less depends on your real needs

Mr. Thin answered “As much as you can”, and that is the answer of a serious middle-aged man who already has more money than us, young college students who are not yet 28 years old, what should we choose ?

As for the cost, it’s also hard to say which is more economical, for example, on the surface, we see a Console is often cheaper than a gaming PC, but that’s not seen yet. “implicit” costs when using Console. For example, when you want to play online on a Console whether it’s Xbox or Playstation you have to pay them a fee called online service, this cost can be up to $ 10 a month.

However, if you only play certain games like a member of the Knights team has a thousand-year love for Ori and the Blind Forest, buying a Console is a more economical option in this case. Because a Console is now about 10 million back while for a PC you want to build a game that costs at least 15 million to be considered “temporary”.

At this point, you might say “But… but the PC can also be used for other things like sending mail to your boss, typing in words, for example.”

So in this category we say again: Depends.

Conclude: Hue again. Still 2-1

6. Family


If you look at the picture, you will understand

Conclude: Console wins 2-2

“But…but…”, there was no but nothing. Nothing beats a console placed in the family living room with a 40-inch TV, with four buttons for parents and two children to play games like Crimson Lands.

Also, try to imagine: I was playing a game with my lover on my PC, and suddenly my friend’s inbox message was announced “When will you run away from your wife to drink tomorrow?”is it ok?

7. What do you really need the most?


Sit down and think carefully

Come here already 2-2after all, when comparing PC and Console like we compare between two supercars Ferrari and Lamborghini, it depends mainly on each person’s needs and his or her main style. So really, before deciding to buy a device you should find a quiet space, bring a piece of paper and a pen to think and answer the following types of questions carefully:

  • What games will I play?
  • Am I interested in AAA games or games with high graphics requirements?
  • Do I play online or not?
  • Do I really need a powerful gaming PC? Or do I just buy it as an insurance?
  • And many more questions depending on your needs.

We have a friend who has all kinds of devices, he has two gaming PCs, he has PS4, he has Xbox One, he has iPhone, iPad, he has PS Vita and Nintendo 3Ds. But he only plays Hearthstone. And every day we hear him lament about “Don’t know what game to play?” “Which game console should I play today?”, from time to time “I have to run upstairs to open my PS4, I haven’t opened it for a long time for fear of it being damaged”.

Kind of like being addicted to the machine as a slave to the machine, not playing games.

So our last piece of advice before deciding to buy anything is let’s start from the previous game. Because that’s the most important thing, because that’s why you’re reading this article.


  • Depends
  • Or both IF over 28 years old! 😀

Stay tuned for the latest updates on all the top consoles, only on Gamerna.me!

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