New features on your hosting mail system

Login to Manager panel and, selecting your Web Hosting service, in the submenu on the left you can view the new interface for managing your mail, by clicking on the item E-mail.

What are the new features introduced on the mail system of your hosting?

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Webmail with HTTPS and mail with SSL certificate on clients

The first novelty concerns the introduction of the wemail with HTTPS and of mail with a valid SSL certificate on the various clients you use (iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc).

You will then be able to access your personalized webmail (webmail.domainname) with the https protocol and configure your mail clients in SSL/TLS using the pointers of your custom domain (imap.domainname or smtp.domainname) by installing an SSL certificate.

We provide both Let’s Encrypt wildcard and secure wildcard SSL Certificates.

Choose an SSL Certificate

Whitelists and blacklists

The second novelty concerns the introduction of whitelist and blacklist both at the domain level and at the single mailbox level. Here you can collect the list of authorized (whitelist) and unauthorized (blacklist) e-mail addresses to send mail to your domain.

When you whitelist an email, messages from this address will no longer be marked as spam. Conversely, by placing an email in the blacklist, you will be able to block the receipt of mail sent by them.

Spam filter customizable

The third novelty concerns the insertion of the level of customizable spam filter both at the domain level and at the single mailbox level.

After setting the severity of the filter, choosing between Rare, Optimal and Highthe filter will determine if an email is considered spam or spammy, or if it is clean.

  • Rare: the risk of false positives is infinitesimal but, as a result, some spam messages may not be detected (“false negatives”).
  • Optimal: This is the recommended setting, where the detection parameters have been adjusted based on spam detection history, resulting in minimal risk of false positives.
  • High: Increases the number of emails recognized as spam, which will block almost all spam emails but, at the same time, also increases the risk of false positives.

Email consultation blocked by the system

The fourth novelty concerns the possibility of check all emails received, even those automatically blocked by the system. You can then download the quarantined and undelivered ones into a text file to check if they contain important information.

Of course, you will only download the source header from Manager and not the full email.

Bayesian filters

The fifth novelty concerns the introduction of Bayesian filters. How do they work?

If you receive an email that is incorrectly marked as spam, and move it to your inbox, our filters are properly trained to recognize the email as not spam. By doing so, the system will automatically recognize e-mails coming from the same address, delivering them in the inbox and no longer in spam.

Conversely, if you mark emails from the same address as spam, our filters will be trained to recognize that address as spammy.

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