Mailsync: the tool to migrate mail independently always has a thorough thought and a desire to share useful knowledge about cloud technology, as well as introduce reputable hosting providers to readers in the Cloud & Hosting category through these articles. Quality articles. Today this article is also expected to attract your attention. Thank you all.

Migrating mail is really simple thanks to the Mailsync free online toolwhich allows you to start the transfer operation by filling in a simple form.

First, you need to understand how incoming mail is communicated, whether in POP or IMAP. In the first case the passage is hasty, since the mail messages are downloaded from a remote server and saved locally; for that in IMAP a is requiredspecific migration following two necessary conditions:

  • the source mail server must be enabled for the IMAP connection;
  • the mailboxes you intend to migrate must have already been created on your server or Shellrent Web Hosting.

If in the past, mail migration required support from the technical department, you can do it yourself by filling in the following form:

Once the migration is complete, you can proceed with the domain transfer. That way, you won’t lose any emails you received during the migration. However, you have the option to restart Mailsync after the domain transfer to copy the mail received during the transfer.

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