Is it possible to create a website for free?

With the Internet, any type of information is easily available and at your fingertips. Also, as evidenced by a search of eCommerce Foundation88% of consumers do research on the web before proceeding with the online or in-store purchase. At the same time, most users tend to give little credibility to companies that don’t have a website.

Regardless of the industry you belong to, having a website is a necessity for any company in order to promote business and explore new opportunities.

If you intend to give shape to your web project or you are experimenting with a new business idea and would like to bring it online without committing too many economic resources, you could evaluate some options that allow you to create sites very easily and, sometimes, completely free.

Identify the ideal platform

Are you looking for an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create your website in a short time? We offer you some options that meet these characteristics and which, at the same time, offer solutions that can be spent even on a limited budget.


The most used platform to create web pages is WordPress; it is an open source resource, which means that you can create and publish a website, albeit with obvious limitations, for free.

WordPress offers everything you need to launch a site in minutes, including dozens of customizable themes, hosting, and a free subdomain.

As your website grows, WordPress provides the tools you need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Pros: Community support and basic design customization

Versus: Reduced storage space (1GB) and ads


Wix is ​​an all-in-one platform and a popular no-code website builder. The Drag & Drop function allows you to allocate the contents of the pages in a simple way and in the desired position.

The free version is a great place to start, as you’ll have the tools you need (including hosting) to start a website.

When your project requires more resources, you will have the option to easily upgrade to one of the Premium plans.

Pros: Technical guides and customer support available

Versus: storage space (500MB) and banner ads


Weebly is another website builder, similar to Wix. In its free version, it offers an SSL certificate, a subdomain and web space.

This platform provides a structured editor, i.e. it organizes pages by columns and rows. Although this may imply less flexibility, an editor of this type is more than enough to create a personalized showcase.

Pros: support via chat and mail

Versus: reduced storage space (500MB) and footer advertising


An interesting solution to create free sites is Jimbo. The free version provides all the basic features needed to create your own web project: modern and captivating designs, SSL certificate, contact form.

The platform allows the creation of 5 pages on the subdomain, where Jimdo logos and links are placed.

Pros: automatic optimization for mobile and fast connection with social profiles

Versus: limited storage space (500MB) and support not guaranteed

Creating a free website: disadvantages

As you might suspect, relying on a free plan, while initially proving to be an excellent solution, means having to respect limitations in terms of functionality and customization. Paid versions are ad-free and reserve more storage space and bandwidth.

Basic functionality. With the free versions, the customization and maneuvering possibilities are limited; the platforms only include what is strictly necessary to bring your website online.

Low performance hosting. An all-in-one platform is one that also includes a Hosting, i.e. the web space that will host your project. Free plans may rely on shared infrastructure which could affect site performance.

Minimal assistance. As we have seen, the platforms considered above provide a support community which, in the event of problems, can be decisive. Paid plans ensure an additional level of assistance, offering timely and more punctual responses.

Create a website with Shellrent

When creating a website, there are two main components to consider: your domain ( and the quality of the web hosting.

The choice of domain should not be underestimated. With Shellrent you have the possibility to register the desired domain for free for the first year, choosing among almost 1400 extensions. You can decide to rely on the most popular .it, .com, .net or give your website a fresh look by directing your choice towards the new TLDs capable of immediately defining your area of ​​expertise.

For example, a .bike domain could highlight your passion for two wheels, while the .art extension it will indicate your propensity for the art world.

Register your domain

Once you have identified the domain name, you will have to choose the web space that will host your project. In this sense, Shellrent offers a cheap but at the same time ideal solution for bringing your business online, ensuring maximum compatibility with the most popular CMSs on the market, including WordPress.

Our basic plan it includes a weekly backup, 5 mailboxes of 1 GB each, a MySQL database, the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, the possibility, depending on future needs, to upgrade and combine the desired additional services.

You will be able to manage the purchase and renewal of services in a comfortable and intuitive way from our Manager Control Panel, where you will also have the possibility to request technical and commercial support if necessary.

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