How to make a website? Start with Web Hosting

How to make a website is a common question for the newbie, today has to answer it, here’re we go?

Start by choosing your web hosting plan: you will surely have come across this term. But what is web hosting? And what are the elements you need to consider when choosing your hosting provider? Here is everything you need to know about one of the basic elements for your site to be online and active.

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What is Web Hosting?

The web hosting it’s space web hosted on a server provided by a hosting provider to keep your website online. All the elements that make up the site are hosted within your hosting space, such as pages, files and images, and any database used to create the site itself. That’s where hosting providers provide the necessary space to collect all the elements and make them accessible to visitors who click a link on your site or type the URL into their browser.

Web hosting is something you won’t have to think about on a daily basis if you choose the right hosting provider and plan that fits your needs. In fact, as long as you keep your account up to date, your hosting should work perfectly in the background and keep your site up and running for every visitor.

This space is shared with other users, each with their own unique domain but all with the same IP address. What does it mean? Entire server resources are shared among various users, for unrelated web projects. Sharing your web space with other users limits your autonomy but allows you to obtain an economic and in any case high-performance solution. If you want to opt for more independence of your site, you can buy a Dedicated IP and unique for your website, to improve your web reputation in search engines.

With a metaphor, we can define hosting as a room inside a house: the room represents the web hosting, while the house is the server provided by the hosting provider where the hosting is hosted.

How does Web Hosting work?

What are the essential features of each web hosting plan?

  • File storage: Each site is made up of several files (design, images, text) that all need to work in order for your site to be online and visitable by users. A good hosting plan must provide a place to store all these files securely.
  • Hardware: one of the main tasks of a reliable hosting provider is to keep the server where the various hostings are hosted in optimal conditions, to provide the visitor with an excellent browsing experience.
  • Uptime: Uptime refers to the amount of time your site’s files are available to visitors. What if visitors clicking on your site find out that it is unavailable because your hosting provider’s server is down? You risk losing leads and customers! That is why it is important to rely on a hosting provider that is able to minimize downtime when a server is not operating at full capacity for some reason.
  • Safety: it is an essential factor in choosing a hosting provider to prevent cyber-criminals from stealing sensitive data and information related to your customers and your website. Choose reliable and secure hosting: we, for example, have adopted a working framework focused on your security. Find out more by reading our article Why do we define ourselves as the first Italian hosting Security First?

Why choose Shellrent for your Web Hosting

The hosting market is full of alternatives and choosing the right hosting provider can make all the difference: in addition to considering the performancebased on safety, support and reliabilityessential elements to keep your site online and active.

In our work framework, your safety comes first and we continue to improve the procedures to guarantee you the necessary protection: our payoff The first Italian hosting Security First highlights security as a primary asset in the company, combined with customer care and technical support. About that to understand how the assistance works we advise you to read the interview with our Technical Support Manager, Ivo Lauro.

As far as hosting is concerned, we offer you a wide range of solutions: consult our proposals Linux, Windows and with panel Plesk. Our plans are:

  • Scalable in both upgrade and downgrade to guarantee you the optimal resources for your online project;
  • Suitable for every pocket, from the cheapest solutions to the most expensive and performing ones;
  • Easy to use and intuitive but, if in doubt, you can consult the Guides or the Blogs for more resources and information on services;
  • Advanced technical support.

Spending on Web Hosting is necessary if you want to start a site: choose a reliable hosting provider who will guide you in choosing the right plan for your needs.

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