How polluting is sending an email or a Google search?

Remaining in the digital sphere, emails also represent an unsuspected source of pollution. According to research by Ademe (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) eight mail they emit the same amount of carbon dioxide as a car traveling 1 km. This is because, underlines the Agency, before reaching the addressee, the message is copied about 10 times by the servers which then proceed with its delivery: this operation uses electricity.

A Research on Google, for example, it is responsible for the input of 1.7/2 grams of CO2. If the internet were a country, highlights the Global Carbon Projectwould be the fourth largest emitter in the world.

Evaluating these extremely important data, Shellrent has chosen an eco-friendly approach, using servers developed on the principles of energy efficiency, contributing in its small way to saving significant amounts of carbon dioxide every year.

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How much do big techs pollute?

According to the ESG Karma Metrix observatory, the so-called “Faang” (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) have tripled the use of energy, reaching the consumption of entire countries such as Portugal and Greece, and surpassed the Czech Republic in terms of CO2 emissions.

Among the Faangs, Amazon it is the most polluting one also due to the logistics component, as well as IT. Also Apple and Google hold an important weight, but in recent years they are increasingly committed to adopting ad hoc measures to reduce emissions, drawing on renewable energy sources.

Shellrent’s commitment

Our machines are powered by photovoltaic modules, which allow solar energy to be stored and transformed into electricity. Electricity is usually produced by plants that use coal, we have decided to take the eco-friendly path by drawing on clean energy sources.

Furthermore, by migrating data thanks to our virtualization cloud services, we are able to considerably increase our energy savings in favor of the environment. Shellrent allows you to do the operation for free, thanks to the Site Migration service.

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