How it works and what are the advantages of the Plesk panel

Since early of 2022 we have been official partners of Plesk and authorized resellers of their main licenses: the goal is to provide our customers with a complete, secure and versatile hosting automation panel, avoiding the presence of intermediaries. It is available for both GNU/Linux and Windows Server operating systems.

Do you want to manage your customers’ websites quickly and easily? Here, thanks to the complete and intuitive interface of the Plesk panel, you will be able to autonomously administer your server, cloud or dedicated, and the domains associated with it. You can take care of your customers, manage their accounts and emails, upload files, use FTP services, change configuration parameters, manage the database and various backups.

To start using Plesk, just choose the license that suits your needs: visit the Licenses page on our site and discover Web Admin, Web Pro and Web Host to manage Cloud and Dedicated Servers in an easy and intuitive way. Each with numerous tools and advanced features suitable for everyone, especially web developers, dev-ops and hosting providers.

  • Web Admin license: Ideal for basic management of simple websites and domains.
  • Web Pro license: ideal for creating, protecting and managing high-performance websites. In addition to the basic features, you have included other advanced ones such as the Toolkit for WordPress to optimize your projects with this CMS.
  • Web Host License: ideal for managing hosting activities. You have access to all the advanced features to get the most out of your business.

We highlight that Plesk it is compatible with the installation of the most common CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop or Magento.

Plesk Obsidian: the pluses of the latest version

The latest version of Plesk, Plesk Obsidianhas introduced some interesting features to increase your security and optimize the usability of the panel.

  • Backing up files to Dropbox: to the voice Manage Domain the menu will offer you the function Dropbox Backupto back up and restore your sites directly to your Dropbox.
  • Antivirus check for outgoing mail: to the voice Server Mail Settings you can select the sending limit for each mailbox and set the related antivirus and antispam to best protect your customers.
  • Firewall for web applications: you can configure the web application firewall (ModSecurity), both for detection only and for complete activation, so as to detect and notify any inconvenience.
  • Fast update of the CMS: Plesk notifies you whenever a new version of the CMS is available. Just select the domain to upgrade in a few clicks.
  • Supported by Nginx: thanks to Nginx you can use system resources efficiently. Select the item Tools and Settings to activate, stop or restart the service with a single click.
  • Cronjob activation: selecting Planned activities within each domain, you can set the cronjobs and their timing, by entering the command very easily.
  • Mobile version: to always have everything under control wherever you are, you can download the free Plesk Mobile Manager app which grants administrators access to the main information.
  • Optimizing security: In Plesk 12.5 version, ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Antispam tools are combined to offer the necessary security from server to site.

What do you think about the latest Plesk Obsidian version? In our opinion, the brand is always implementing new features and security measures that make the panel safe, complete and versatile, perfect for managing your company’s or your customers’ websites. Highly customizable, it’s perfect for self-administering your hostings: of course, you’ll always have the support of our team of expert technicians.

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