Cloud Server and Dedicated Server: which one to choose?

If you are wondering which is the best environment for your project and, in particular, on the potential and capabilities of a dedicated server and a cloud, you should first of all know that:

  • The Dedicated Server it is a physical server, with dedicated hardware and resources at your complete disposal. It is a solution that requires a large budget, but is able to guarantee high performance and safety, as well as complete autonomy.
  • The cloud Server it is a virtual server that ensures maximum scalability to allocate more resources as needed.

Features Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

Both solutions offer high computing power and capacity to process large amounts of data, ensuring optimal performance, security and reliability. In any case, to choose the right infrastructure, it is necessary to understand what are the main characteristics and differences between cloud and dedicated server.

Web projects

Cloud and Dedicated Server are able to offer high performance, ideally for complex websites and large eCommerce.

However, if you are looking for the solution that guarantees the highest data processing, the Dedicated Server is the one that would best suit you.


Scalability is one of the strengths of a Cloud Server: thanks to virtualization it is in fact possible to increase resources according to needs immediately and without maintenance times, as is the case with a dedicated server. The latter by nature is not scalable, as it is linked to the constraint of the physical machine.

By ensuring maximum scalability, you can add disk space, RAM and CPU to the Cloud Server at any time and avoid downtime. The Dedicated Server, on the other hand, requires much longer times, both for the installation and for the replacement of hardware components.

Server Management

A fundamental aspect is the management and maintenance of the server. A Dedicated Server requires an IT Specialist able to check the physical hardware and follow every aspect. Otherwise, Cloud Servers require a higher level of support from the provider offering the service.


The cost aspect is also relevant. Generally a Cloud Server has cheaper prices than a Dedicated Server, at least initially. This is because it is a modular solution according to need. Being a physical machine, the Dedicated Server also includes costs for maintenance operations.

Which solution to choose?

If, on the one hand, the Dedicated Server offers power, stability and maximum security in data management, on the other, the Cloud Server guarantees scalability, lower costs and instantaneous operation. The choice of the infrastructure must be based by focusing on the real business needs, especially by evaluating the type of activity and the investment one intends to make.

Shellrent offers ready-to-use Cloud solutions, but also grants the possibility to configure the plan in a personalized way, independently selecting the features and resources you need. On the Dedicated Servers source, our offer includes a wide range of plans designed to satisfy every need.

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